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Welcome to the SGA Elementary School Counseling Department!  My name is Lisa G. Daniels, the professional school counselor at SGA.  The 2015-2016 school year is my fourth year as a school counselor and my 15th year in education.  Prior to working at SGA, I taught Writing Fundamentals and Language Arts at Burke County Middle School.  I must say, I love working with kids!

Working in the capacity of a school counselor is extremely rewarding to me.  It allows me to directly impact my students’ dreams and goals for their future while providing guidance in their academic, personal, social, and career development at the elementary school level.  I work with our students, their parents, and all stakeholders (school, district, and community) to solve any issues that may pose an obstacle to the learning process.  I also collaborate with teachers, parents, administrators, and various community organizations to provide support services for students and families as needed. 

I deliver school counseling services in four specific ways:

  • Classroom Counseling Curriculumdesigning, structuring, and delivering classroom lessons so that students develop specific outcome-driven competencies in all grades PK-5 (personal/social, academic, career)and driven by the needs of the school population
  • Individual Student Planning-assisting students with goal formation/planning (behavioral, academic, etc.)
  • Responsive Servicesmeeting immediate student needs (counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, peer mediation, information-providing)
  • System Supportschoolwide program planning and implementation (PBIS, Cubs with Character, etc.), consulting with other professionals, coordination of various supports for students and families

If a student needs to see me, they only need to tell their teacher, write me a note and give it to me in the hallway, or stick it under my door.  Parents can also request that I see their child or schedule a meeting with them by calling me at the school at 478-569-4322 Monday –Friday from 7:45 AM – 4:15 PM or emailing me at ldaniels@burke.k12.ga.us.